Steve Booker

Mist of the Pines
Mist of the Pines

Mist of the Pines

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Hand Signed Limited Edition 11 x 17 inch print. 

1 of 20 available, every one is hand signed on the back and inclusive of embossed limited edition gold foil seal of approval. Frame not included.  

Printed on 100% cotton paper with a smooth surface texture – guarantees archival standards. Basically using the best methods and materials available. 


The Story Behind the Image

This is one of the favourite images I've ever shot.  From afar it's pretty unassuming and then when you get up close you realise what's going on with the cloudy mist sitting over the pines and the depth of detail draws me in. This was the first helicopter shoot I'd been on with all of the doors off, we asked the pilot if we could head over towards the mountains and just like that we changed our course, which was pretty amazing! This was shot on the ascent up to the glaciers as it started getting very cold our cameras started to behave very strangely in these conditions. This print already has pride of place in my home!